As their initial announcement for National Road Safety Week, the Queensland State Government has announced that they will be furthering their Hold the Red radars by expanding to an additional fifteen intersections across Queensland.

In 2018 the Hold the Red Trial commenced and saw four intersections, two in Brisbane and two on the Gold Coast, have the new radars introduced.

The systems use a radar to detect cars looking likely to attempt to run a red light. Where a danger is identified by the radar the opposing traffic lights will hold on red lights to prevent the opposing traffic from entering the intersection and therefore preventing T-bone collisions. The system is designed to hold the opposing lights for two seconds.

Whilst lowering the risk of crashes at the sites motorists caught by the radar will also face penalties by infringement notices for the offence, and face a speeding fine if they are caught speeding to beat the light change.

The Government intends to have the radar installed at the further fifteen intersections by mid-2024 and have indicated that the chosen intersections have been selected due to having high records of motorists running red lights.

Queensland’s road death toll is already sitting at over 80 fatalities this year alone and the intention is for the radar to assist road safety in high crash intersections.

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