Effective from 1 July 2024, traffic fines will change across all categories in Queensland.


We need to ensure the deterrent effect of penalties and fines remains current, and people who break the law do not get a free ride.” Queensland Treasurer Cameron Dick said.

Motorists exceeding the speed limit by less than 11 kilometres will now face a fine of $322. Those caught using their phones while driving, or simply placing it on their laps, will incur a minimum fine of $1200. Speeding over 40km/h will result in a hefty fine of $1900.

Despite concerns raised regarding the potential impact on individuals facing financial strain, Queensland Transport Minister Mark Bailey remained resolute. He cited the sobering statistic of 138 lives lost on the state’s roads so far this year, 17 more than last year. “Increasing these penalties will deliver a stronger message to people who are endangering other people’s lives on our roads” he said.


Jarrod Bleijie, the state’s deputy opposition, echoed public sentiment, “Queenslanders seek assurance that these fees and charges are directed towards initiatives promoting road safety and the maintenance of road infrastructure”.

The Queensland Treasury anticipates revenue exceeding $850 million in the upcoming financial year.

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