A 35 year old Nigerian man had now been charged with one count of perjury, two counts of forgery, as well as the offence of providing false documents or false or misleading information relating to non-citizens (Migration Act 1958). The charge under the Migration Act is the first ever to be laid in Queensland.

The man, who previously lived in the United States, allegedly obtained fraudulent criminal history clearances from the United Stated. He is then purported to have used the falsified documents to maintain his residential status in Australia, having submitted the documents to Australian authorities and presented them in court.

The charges were laid after police began an investigation into hundreds of allegedly fraudulent speeding infringements notices and vehicle insurances claims. The investigation by the Road Policing Investigation Unit has been ongoing for the past 3 years and has involved collaboration with American law enforcements.

Investigating officer, Senior Constable Debbie McDougall has said, ‘“Our message is clear: It doesn’t matter how challenging, how many hurdles we have to overcome, if you commit crime on our roadways, we are determined to bring you to justice.’

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