The Charges: 

The Drugs Misuse Act Qld 1986 – Possess Dangerous Drugs (Maximum Penalty 25 years Imprisonment), Possessing Things (Maximum 15 years Imprisonment), Possess property suspected of having been used in connection with the commission of a drug offence (Maximum 2 years Imprisonment)

Court Attended:

Beenleigh Magistrates Court.

Attendance Date:

January 2018.

Overview of Case:

Our client was charged with seven (7) drug related offences of Possession. It was out of character for him to be using drugs and clear that he had simply gone through a difficult period of his life suffering from various health issues and other personal circumstances.  We advised our client to complete courses to help mitigate his circumstances including AODS (Alcohol and Other Drugs Service). We also advised him to undergo one-on-one counselling with a psychologist to assist him with his mental health. He found this particularly helpful.


At sentence, the Sentencing Magistrate was provided with medical materials that we had previously advised our client to obtain in order to assist him with receiving the best possible result. As a result of successful submissions and the preparations the client had completed, our client received a small fine referred to SPER. He expressed great thanks in having our team assist him through this difficult period of his life.

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