During the month of October, the Queensland Police Service will be targeting traffic offences relating to failure to wear seat belt, child restraint and helmet offences.

The Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Road Rules) Regulation 2009 governs these offences and requires that the driver of the vehicle ensure that their passengers are correcting restrained, with specific requirements in relation to child restraints. With the number of road related fatalities at an all-time high this year, the police are being particularly vigilant in relation to seat belt related offences.

As a driver failing to wear a seat belt, you’ll be hit with a $300 fine and a accumulation of 3 demerit points. The same penalty applies for a passenger failing to wear a seat belt or the fine and demerit point will be allocated to the driver if the passenger is under 16 years of age. If you are receive two tickets for the same offence, your demerit point allocation will be doubled.

However there are exceptions at law, for example, a person is exempt from wearing a seat belt if they are carrying a doctor’s certificate stating they are unable to wear a seat belt due to a medical condition or if the person is providing or receiving medical treatment of an urgent nature.

With the increased police presence on the Gold Coast, many may be finding themselves in hot water in relation to demerit point offences. Should you require any legal advice for exceptions to traffic offences or how to keep your licence after a demerit point loss, contact us.