The Charges

Police Protection Notice seeking an Ouster Order

Court Attended

Southport Magistrates Court

Attended Date

May 2018

Overview of Case

In this matter, the client was subject to a Police Protection Notice due to an incident that had occurred between her and her estranged husband.  During the incident, both parties had been assaulted however they had very different versions of events as to what happened.

The Police took out a PPN against our client as the husband suffered a perforated ear drum during the incident and sought to have our client ousted from her home as part of the conditions sought.  The client approached us and upon taking her detailed instructions, we assisted her in making a criminal complaint to the Police about her husband such that they took out a PPN against him, also seeking an ouster order.

Case Outcome

Both matters were heard at the same time.  We successfully argued against our client being subject to the ouster order and were successful in arguing that the husband should be ousted from the home. The Husband was ordered not to return to the home unless in the presence of a police officer.  We were also successful in obtaining extensive orders against the husband which prevented him from having any contact with our client at all.

As a result of our client’s complaint and the submissions made, the Husband is now under investigation for very serious criminal charges in addition to being subject to the Protection Order.