Attorney-General Mark Speakman has announced that the protection of pets will now be automatically included in a standard Apprehended Domestic Violence Order in New South Wales following the passing of reforms in November last year.

For many victims of domestic and family violence their family pet is used as a method to coerce and control them. The perpetrators often threaten to kill or hurt the animals, in order to prevent the victim from leaving the relationship, or as a punishment if they do leave.

The move comes to offer further protection for the victims of domestic and family violence and to ensure they are able to leave their unhealthy relationships without having to worry about their pet’s wellbeing.

Preventing this horrible form of animal abuse occurring and removing the fear of it for victims was a paramount aspect of this new reform. Victims of domestic and family violence can now feel safer knowing that their beloved companion will be protected by their AVO and will not be permitted to be used against them by perpetrators.

Should Queensland and other states and territories follow New South Wales and include this within their standard Domestic Violence Orders?

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