The federal government has announced an ‘escaping violence payment scheme’, giving women fleeing domestic violence a one-time payment of $5,000.00. The payment is available nationwide from 21 October 2021 and is intended to help women who face financial barriers that prevent them from leaving violent relationships. 

To qualify for the payment women must have some evidence of domestic violence and must be facing financial hardship. Evidence of domestic violence can include a referral from a family and domestic violence service provider, a court order, a police report, or a domestic violence order (DVO). 

The payment will consist of $1,500.00 cash, with the excess going directly towards necessities to establish a safe home, including bond payments, school fees, and other goods and services. The payments will not be taxable or considered reportable income.

The payment is part of a 2-year trial and has been given a $144.5 million budget by the federal government.  

To apply for the payment, contact UnitingCare Australia.

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