In a recent count, more than 450 people have been charged with carrying a knife in a public place in the Gold Coast area alone in the 2019/20 financial year.

Queensland Police have revealed there has been a 40 per cent increase in knife related offences in the past five years.

It appears knives are becoming increasingly popular as the weapon of choice in homicides, manslaughter, assault and domestic violence incidents. Acting Detective Inspector Ken Murray said knife crimes are merely a symptom of “people carrying knives” which needs to be the primary focus in tackling the issue.

Detective Inspector Murray his indicated that it will be important to focus on people carrying knives in a public place in an attempt to decrease other knife related offences.

Surfers Paradise Officer in Charge Senior Sergeant Jim Munckton said that Police officers carry metal detectors and will be increasingly searching in the hotspots such as Surfers Paradise which could help lower that number.

There have been five stabbing deaths within twelve months in the Surfers Paradise area, the numbers appear to be on the increase. 17 year old Jack Beasley passed away December 2019 at the hand of a 15 year old armed with a hunting knife. Jack’s parents have pushed for Police having more powers to search persons in public and tougher penalties, especially on juveniles.

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Article by Sammi Dutschke

Sammi is a Solicitor here at Brooke Winter Solicitors and provides assistance for criminal, traffic and family law matters.

As a busy practitioner, Sammi has worked as a family and domestic violence duty lawyer and has gained valuable experience and knowledge in these fields. Sammi has prior experience in family law alongside her experience in both prosecution, through the Department of Public Prosecutions, and criminal defence.  Sammi’s studies in psychological sciences and law provide additional insight into these areas and the difficulties faced by her clients throughout the process.