The Easter long weekend has been and gone and Queensland saw high numbers of tourists grace its borders for their holidays.

With the celebrations came the typical increase in Police officers out in force to monitor those celebrating to ensure things stayed in control. 

Random breath testing stops were put in place in numerous locations across the Gold Coast from 5:00pm Thursday to 5:00pm Monday. Police have stated that over 1,600 random breath tests were conducted. Forty drivers blew readings over the legal limit and were charged with drink driving offences.

Of those forty, five of those drivers blew in the high alcohol range. The highest reading recorded was 0.289 which is almost six times over the legal limit. The 40-year-old driver was stopped by Police in Robina on Saturday night before blowing the high reading. 

Drink driving wasn’t the only offending occurring over the long weekend though, several police officers were also assaulted. The assaults occurred during three separate incidents however, Police are now looking to review their policing operations following the incidents.

One officer is alleged to have been punched in the head whilst trying to break up a fight in Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise on Saturday night. The officer is said to have lost consciousness following the punch however he has not suffered any significant injuries. Another officer was assaulted in the same incident. 

The alleged perpetrator has been charged with serious assault of a police officer and obstruct police. 

A second officer is said to have also been knocked unconscious during the same incident, however a review of the CCTV footage has shown that the assault was an accident. There were no charges laid due to the assault being unintentional.

An incident occurred on Sunday night were another officer was punched by a Victorian man in Surfers Paradise whilst being checked for concealed weapons. The officer was required to be admitted to hospital as a result of the assault.

The final incident occurred on Sunday night after an officer stopped a drink driver in Jacobs Well. The officer was scratched whilst the driver was in custody after blowing a high reading. She has also been charged with assault police, drink driving and obstructing police following the incident. 

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