The Charges: 

  • 7 x Unauthorised dealing with shop goods
  • 4 x Driving without a licence disqualified by a Court Order;
  • 3 x Stealing
  • 4 x Breach of Bail
  • 1 x Possession of suspected stolen goods
  • 1 x Possession of utensils or pipe

Court Attended: 

Southport Magistrates Court

Attendance Date: 

March 2018

Overview of Case:

In this case, the client had been charged with numerous charges as a result of driving off from several petrol stations without paying for the fuel.  These offenses also occurred while the client was subject to a suspension of their drivers license.  Most of the offenses occurred over three month period and were the result of the client being depressed after having separated from their spouse in rather unfortunate circumstances.

While on bail, the client was grappling with depression and voluntarily admitted themselves to the Mental Health ward of their local hospital.  While they were in hospital, they did not report to the police station in accordance with their Bail undertaking and were subsequently charged with the offences of failing to report in accordance with their bail undertaking.


The client plead guilty to all charges and extensive submissions were made to the Court about the client’s circumstances and the events which had lead to the offending behavior.  Given the number of offences, the client was looking to be sentenced to a term of imprisonment, however the client was before the court with a clean criminal record.  As a result, we were able to successfully submit to the court that a period of 12 month’s probation and 60 hours community service was appropriate, as well as having to pay restitution for the fuel that had not been paid for.  The client was also disqualified from holding a driver’s license for 5 years.

Comment from our client:

The client could not believe that we had been able to keep them out of prison and was more than happy with the outcome.

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