Police are encouraging Gold Coast residents to register their CCTV cameras as a means to combat crime.

The initiative is currently active in 15 Queensland policing districts, however, has been expanded to include the Gold Coast, beginning with Yatala and Varsity Lakes. 

The program, Community Camera Alliance (CCA) encourages Gold Coast residents and business owners to register their CCTV systems to help with criminal investigations. In the event the footage becomes relevant, police will reach out to the owner and request the footage.

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll has stated, ‘Private CCTV footage has been an extremely valuable tool for investigators and has led to thousands of break-throughs in criminal cases across the Gold Coast.’

Its noted the program operates on a completely voluntary basis and participation can be discontinued at any time.

‘Community partnerships were the backbone of creating safe suburbs,’ said Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate. 

Varsity Lakes and Yatala residents who would like to join the initiative can register online at: https://forms.police.qld.gov.au/CCTVRegistration

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