In a period of twenty-four (24) hours an alleged group have conducted in a series of armed robberies in Brisbane that targeted four different fast food outlets. The armed robberies have occurred with the perpetrators alleged to have been armed with a gun and several knives during the robberies.

The first robbery has allegedly occurred on Sunday 15 January 2023 at approximately 9:30pm at a Hungry Jack’s on Commercial Drive in Springfield.

On the Monday 16 January 2023 between 9:15pm and 9:40pm a further three robberies are alleged to have been committed by the same group. A McDonald’s and two further Hungry Jack’s were also victims of armed robberies with the locations being confirmed as being Rocklea, Salisbury and Algester.

Staff at the venues were threatened before the alleged group have taken off with cash they obtained during the robberies. There were no injuries reported from the robberies.

Police have launched a major investigation into the robberies in an attempt to track down the group and they have been able to obtain CCTV footage from at least one of the venues.

A 2003 white Ford Falcon Ute has been alleged to be the vehicle used as the getaway vehicle by the group, and was found abandoned in Heathwood at 11:15pm on Monday evening near the Johnson Road and Staplyton Road intersection.

Police have reported that they suspect the group consists of two woman and one male.

Additional Police Officers have been deployed around Brisbane to monitor fast food outlets in an attempt to deter any further armed robberies occurring.

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