Kathy Jackson, the former Health Services Union (HSU) boss has pleaded guilty in October to two charges of obtaining financial advantage by deception on after a Royal Commission Investigation was conducted into Union Corruption.

Jackson was also found guilty of misusing $35,000.00 in union funds in a separate trial last year however it was unable to be reported until she pleaded guilty to the fresh offences.  The 2019 proceedings were subject to a non-publication order as it was expected that she would face a second trial of similar nature.

Police have alleged that she has spent $100,000.00 of funds from the Health Services Union on travel and staying in luxury hotels and resorts, a Mercedes Benz, luxury artwork, and shopping trips. Jackson underwent trials between 2003 and 2011 for the misappropriation of over $480,00.00 between these dates.

In December last year Prosecution alleged that Jackson transferred large sums of cash out of union funds into an account she controlled and spent “at her own discretion”. Jackson was found guilty in December by a jury of crediting more than $13,000.00 into her personal account for a trip she took to the United States. She was also found guilty of using funds to pay a debt of $22,000.00 for her former husband. She was found not guilty of the remaining 19 offences.

Judge Fox commented there appeared to be no real evidence of remorse. Jacksons Counsel, Theo Alexander summed up the case as “good people do bad things”.

Prosecutor Mark Gibson, QC indicated to the court that it would be “not inappropriate” for the court to impose a suspended term of imprisonment for three years. This would allow Jackson to avoid actual time in custody if she does not breach the suspended sentence.

Jackson is to return to Court on 26 November 2020 for Sentence.

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