Last week in Queensland, there were at least five fatal motorcycle accidents reported. These numbers are starting this year’s road tolls off to another horrific start.

In 2022, Queensland surpassed both Victoria and New South Wales road tolls, with the highest road tolls since 2009. On Queensland Roads there were 299 fatal traffic incidents, a staggering number compared to previous years.

These 299 fatalities included 70 motorcyclists, 29 pedestrians and 12 people who died in floodwaters.

With five fatalities in one week, there are serious concerns that Queensland’s road toll will be even higher this year. The fatalities ranged across Queensland and included locations in Gladstone, Brisbane, Gympie, Mareeba and Lake Wivenhoe.

Last year a number of additional measures were introduced on Queensland roads including further mobile detection cameras, speed cameras in school zones and increased fines for traffic offences. These measures were designed to deter motorists from committing traffic offences and in turn prevent further increases in fatalities this year.

If you have been caught committing a traffic offence and are required to attend court, it is recommended that you complete a Traffic Education Program to assist you in getting the best possible result.

Programs such as the Road and Traffic Education (RATE) program can assist in providing further education to drivers of the possible consequences of their actions for not only themselves but other road users and pedestrians. The RATE program is able to be completed online and will take approximately five (5) hours to complete.

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