Much like the road rules for motor vehicle uses, the traffic laws which apply across local jurisdictions of Australia extend to those who utilise bicycles on the road. Under all legislation materials covering motor vehicles, a bicycle is classed as a vehicle which must obey the same rules that other vehicles are legally bound by. This includes stopping at the relevant signals, giving way and stopping as indicated by road signs and provide an indication through hand signals when they are changing direction. These rules provide the same legislative punishments as would apply to a motor vehicle users.  

However, while all road rules apply to bicycle users, there are some specific rules that strictly apply to those riding bicycles. Such rules include that the rider of a bicycle must avoid being a traffic hazard such as riding in the path of a driver or pedestrian. Further rules are also in place for bicyclists to ensure they remain as safe as possible while on the road, with laws such as the requirement to wear a safety helmet while riding their vehicle.  

Ever since the lockdowns throughout the pandemic period of the past four years, many people have taken up the act of cycling and as such it is imperative that the rules put in place are followed. Since this spike of road users, the increase and necessities regarding safety measures have also become apparent. The increase in fatalities and head injuries is evident especially in Sydney with a 78% increase in hospital admittance due to these injuries being recognisable. It is therefore imperative that all users of the road whether they are using motor vehicles or bicycles exercise caution to all road users to ensure safety for all.  

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