The Queensland Government has started easing COVID-19 restrictions. The general requirement to stay at home unless you have to leave the house to do something essential will still apply. However, from 2 May 2020 you will also be allowed to travel for recreation within 50km of your home.

If you leave your home for recreation or an essential activity, you should only go with people you live with, one person who does not live with you, or more than one person if you need assistance from more than one carer.

People aged 70 or over and those with chronic conditions should continue to avoid going outside.

Everyone should maintain appropriate social distancing.

What am I allowed to do now?

The Government has given some examples of recreational activities, including:

  • Going for a picnic
  • Going to the beach
  • Visiting a national park, although some of these are still closed
  • Driving a car, motorbike, boat, jet ski, or other vehicle for non-essential reasons
  • Supervising a learner driver as long as they are a member of your household
  • Shopping for non-essential items

You still cannot go camping at this stage and public playgrounds remain closed.

These recreational activities are in addition to the essential activities that people are already allowed to do. You are allowed to travel more than 50km from your house for work and other essential reasons, but not for recreational activities.

Although you are allowed to travel up to 50km for recreational activities, the Government is still encouraging people not to travel between major cities. You should also not stop to eat takeaway food at cafes or restaurants, but you can eat in a park.

You are allowed two visitors at your house at the same time. You can visit a parent, child, or partner who is more than 50km away if this is part of your normal routine and they require your assistance. You are also allowed to visit terminally ill relatives.

Police can issue fines of up to $1,330 for individuals and $6,670 for corporations if you do not comply with these rules.

We should all use common sense when deciding whether to go out and who to let into our homes so we can keep COVID-19 under control and avoid returning to tougher restrictions.