• Contravention of a domestic and family violence order (aggravated offence);
  • Choking/Strangulation in a domestic violence setting.

Court Attended:

Southport District Court

Attendance Date:

28 October 2021

Case Details:

Our client had a criminal history, including offences of contravention of a domestic and family violence order and assaults occasioning bodily harm. Our client was facing a period of actual imprisonment. The facts initially were not accepted. Our office made detailed submissions to the Office of the Director of Prosecutions to have the facts amended to reflect our client’s instructions. These negotiations were successful, and our client entered a plea of guilty. We provided our client a detailed list of preparations to complete prior to finalizing the matter in court. This included things like counselling, psychologist report and gathering references. Our office also briefed Counsel for their specialist skills in advocacy and negotiations.

Court Result:

Our client was sentenced to two (2) years imprisonment for the choking/strangulation charge with an immediate parole release date. In relation to the contravention of a domestic and family violence order our client was convicted and not further punished.

This was an excellent result in all circumstances.