The Matter:

Contravene a Domestic Violence order and computer hacking Court Attended.

Court Attended:

Southport Magistrates Court

Attendance Date:

29th August 2018

Overview of Case:

Our client was charged by police with Contravene a Domestic Violence order and computer hacking. Our client had split with his partner and had a shared cared arrangement in relation to their three children. The victim had put a protection order in place against our client stating that he must be of good Behaviour towards her.

Our client was employed by Foxtel. He had received numerous calls from different agencies stating that they were unable to contact the victim. Our client searched the Foxtel database as he knew the victim had a Foxtel account, and located her contact details.

He was then charged with computer hacking and contravention of a protection order.


The matter was listed for sentence. Our client provided character references which supported that his Behaviour was out of character.

Through submissions, we were able to advise the court the circumstances around the breakup of the relationship, including how our client had had concerns for his children, after having numerous calls from different agencies.

Our office, tendered the current family court orders which stated that our client have sole parental responsibility of the children since the incident. This provided the court with insight into his concerns in that the family court had since ordered the children live with him only.

Her Honour considered all the antecedents, and placed our client on a 6 month good Behaviour bond. A conviction was not recorded. This was an excellent result in the circumstances.