The Charges:

The client had been served with an Application for a Peace and Good Behavior Order.

Court Attended:

Southport Magistrates Court

Attendance Date:

April 2018

Overview of Case:

The client had been served with an application for a Peace and Good Behavior Order as a result of an ongoing dispute with their neighbor.

The neighbor was alleging that our client had made threats against them, damaged property and engaged in a system of harassment such that the complainant felt that they were not safe outside their home.

Our client lodged a counter claim, alleging that the neighbor had engaged in activity which had significantly impacted upon the peace and enjoyment of their property, used the hose to wet our client’s laundry and that smoke from a BBQ was causing health issues such that our client was required to attend hospital.


We were able to negotiate with the original complainant to settle the matter without either party having to outlay the considerable expense of preparing documents and attending a Hearing.  This further assisted in diffusing the tensions between the parties and opened up a line of communication so the parties could try to resolve their differences without the need for Court intervention.

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