The Charges:

Attempting to Pervert Justice (Criminal Code 1899 – SECT 140)

Attendance Date:

March 2018


Brisbane District Court

Overview & Outcome

Our client was charged with Attempting to pervert the course of Justice by agreeing to accept charges on a friend’s behalf via written statutory declaration sent to the Police. Police established that the original offence was not committed by our client and therefore, by writing the declaration to accept the charge, our client was charged with perverting justice. The maximum penalty for this offence is 7 years Imprisonment. It is not uncommon for defendants to spend time in actual custody for these sorts of offences as they are considered particularly serious. Our client pled guilty to the offence before the Brisbane District Court. After detailed submissions made by counsel, the presiding Judge ultimately sentenced him to a wholly suspended sentence with no time to be served in actual custody for this offence. It was a great result and one that our client was extremely happy with.