On 14 December 2022, accused murderer Steven Dean Walker-Ely appeared in the Mackay Magistrates Court. Mr Walker-Ely is accused of the murder of Birdsall Fa’apepele.

25-year-old Birdsall was stabbed to death at a Paget Caravan Park on 14 December 2021. He suffered stab wounds to the neck, face and abdomen from the attack which took his life.

Mr Walker-Ely is alleged to have telephoned 000 and informed Police that he had stabbed someone and waited until help arrived.

No pleas were entered by the accused in relation to the matter, however it was listed for a committal hearing on 10 May 2023. At the committal hearing there will be a number of witnesses testifying, three of the witnesses will be appearing by videolink while the all other will provide their evidence in person.

The committal hearing will allow an opportunity for Mr Walker-Ely to test the evidence against him by cross examining the Prosecution witnesses in the matter before it is committed to the higher court if the Magistrate believes that there is enough evidence for the matter to be sent to a higher court for Trial.  If the Magistrate does not believe there is enough evidence by Police to prove the charge than the Magistrate has the power to dismiss the case.

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