Less than one-tenth of people account for approximately two-thirds of legal matters in Australia. This suggests a disproportionate amount of people are currently carrying a potential burden of not having access to justice, resulting in a significant financial impact.

Why is Access to Justice Important?

Access to Justice is a fundamental principle of any effective legal system, hoping to ensure that all individuals are able to access equal levels of legal representation in order to best resolve their matters. The justice system seeks to balance both sides of any matter with adequate legal representation. If one party were to have an objective advantage due to legal resources available, the primary principles that our legal system is upheld upon becomes obsolete and ineffective. The ultimate goal is to ensure the discovery of truth and justice for all Australians, regardless of background.

Obstacles in Place

A pressing concern relating to access to justice is the glaringly high costs associated with retaining legal representation. Despite the implementation of legal aid services, these sometime prove to be inadequate in eligibility criteria, denying access to many individuals and resulting in a deprivation in sufficient legal support. A proposed consideration to this problem is to introduce new legal aid benefits that enlarges the group of individuals who can qualify in order to capture a larger proportion of those in need.

Another significant obstacle preventing access to justice for some individuals is the increasing use of technological resources. Disadvantaged groups may experience less quality legal support due to limited internet access or digital literacy skills. This problem is likely to continue throughout the years, as developments in technology have only become further accelerated in recent years. Discussions surrounding the methods of bridging the digital divide are essential in ensuring equal access to justice for all Australians.

Raising Awareness

Whether it’s understanding your legal issue throughout the legal process, or ensuring your voice is heard when laws are made, access to justice is essential in a functioning, democratic society. Ensuring that everyone understands that they have a right to adequate legal assistance will help our justice system produce honest, fair and just outcomes for everyone involved.

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