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The consequences can be serious. If you’re not sure what to do after being charged with a traffic offence, it’s a good idea to contact an experienced lawyer.

At Brooke Winter Solicitors, our team of traffic and DUI lawyers can assist you.

We can help you with the following types of traffic matters;

  • Drink Driving
  • Drug Driving
  • Disqualified Driving
  • Unlicenced Driving
  • Dangerous Driving
  • Hooning
  • Traffic Infringements
  • Vehicle Impounding / Forfeiture Applications
  • Interlock Applications

There are harsh penalties for many driving matters, including the loss of your driver’s licence and jail in some circumstances. A traffic lawyer can help you to navigate the situation and achieve the best possible outcome. They will provide you with information and advice. If you need to go to court, they can represent you.

Many people depend on their driver’s licence for their employment and family obligations. Depending on your situation, you might be able to apply for a restricted work licence or a special hardship order. If you rely on your licence for your employment or family obligations, these options that can help you to continue meeting your commitments. A traffic lawyer can help you to make an application for one of these restricted licences, if you’re eligible.

A traffic lawyer can also give you information about the likely penalties you’re facing. There are many factors that can influence penalties for traffic offences. Below is some basic, general information about drink driving penalties.

Note that if you’re facing drink driving charges, Brooke Winter Solicitors have expert DUI lawyers who can assist you. It’s a good idea to speak to a traffic lawyer about your situation, in order to gain accurate details about your situation.

What Are the Penalties for Drink Driving?

Drink driving is a common but serious offence

If you are charged with a drink driving offence, you’ll need to go to court. These are some factors that the court will consider: How high was your reading? What is your traffic history like? What was your manner of driving?

Listed below are the penalty ranges for drink driving offences. Note: Previous offences attract significantly higher penalties.


OffenceFineImprisonmentMinimum Disqualification
UIL (0.150 or more)
First Offence$3,080.009 months6 months
Second Offence$6,600.0018 months12 months
0.100 – 0.149$2,200.006 months3 months
0.050 – 0.099$1,540.003 months1 month
0.000 – 0.049$1,540.003 months1 month
Drug Driving$1,540.003 months1 month

New South Wales

OffenceFineImprisonmentAutomatic DisqualificationMinimum Disqualification
High Range (0.150 or more)           
First Offence$3,300.0018 months3 years12 months
Second or subsequent offences$5,500.002 years5 years2 years
Mid Range (0.080 – 0.149)
First Offence$2,200.009 months12 months6 months
Second or subsequent offences$3,300.0012 months3 years12 months
Low Range (0.050 – 0.079)
First Offence$1,100.00Nil6 months3 months
Second or subsequent offences$2,200.00Nil12 months6 months
Special Range (0.020 – 0.049)
First Offence$1,100.00Nil6 months3 months
Second or subsequent offence$2,200.00Nil12 months6 months
Novice Range (0.000 – 0.019)
First Offence$1,100.00Nil6 months3 months
Second or subsequent offence$2,200.00Nil12 months6 months

Unlicenced / Disqualified Driving

You may be stopped driving by the police and charged with an offence of unlicenced driving because:

  • Your licence has expired or you have never held a licence;
  • Your licence is suspended by the State Penalties and Enforcement Register (SPER). For this offence there is a mandatory MINIMUM disqualification of 1 month;
  • Your licence has been suspended because of the accumulation of demerit points. For this offence there is a mandatory MINIMUM disqualification of 6 months;
  • You have previously been to court and your licence was disqualified. For this offence there is a mandatory MINIMUM disqualification of 2 years.

Severe penalties can apply in some circumstances, including imprisonment and lengthy periods of disqualifications. You should obtain legal advice quickly from an expert to protect your interests.

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