Restricted Licence & Work Licence Applications

Do you need your licence for work? A work licence application can be tricky and expert guidance is always recommended.

If you are charged with drink driving in Queensland, then you may be eligible to make an application to drive for work purposes.

Work licence applications are not available for offences committed in New South Wales.

To be eligible to apply for a QLD work licence you must:

  1. Be the holder of an open Queensland Drivers Licence; AND
  2. Have a reading below 0.150%; AND
  3. Have not had any previous major offences in the last 5 years; AND
  4. Not have been driving for work purpose at the time of the offence

To be eligible for a restricted work licence, you must demonstrate to the court that

  1. You are a fit and proper person to be the holder of a drivers licence; AND
  2. That without a licence you would be deprived from the means of earning your livelihood

To make a work licence application in QLD, you will need to complete the following documents;

  1. Work Licence Application Form AND
  2. Your Affidavit; AND
  3. Your Employers Affidavit (if you are not self employed)

How much do you have riding on your drivers licence? We can help you professionally prepare your application and represent you in court.

Special Hardship Order (SHO) Licences

Special Hardship licences only apply to Queensland. You may be eligible to make an SHO if;

  1. You accumulate too many demerit points OR/
  2. You are booked by the police for a high speed offence (Over 40 kilometers per hour over the limit).

In these circumstances you will receive a notice from Queensland Transport advising you of the date of the suspension of your driver’s licence. You will need to file the application in the Magistrates Court District in which you reside within 21 days AFTER the suspension of your driver’s licence. You are NOT eligible to apply for an SHO if, within the last 5 years;

  • You have previously made an application for an SHO;
  • Your licence has been suspended or cancelled or disqualified;
  • You were not licenced at the time of the incident;
  • You have been convicted of dangerous driving.

An SHO will permit you to drive a motor vehicle with the following conditions;

  • Purpose of driving;
  • Class of motor vehicle that may be driven;
  • Times in which you can drive;
  • That a copy of the order must be carried by you whilst driving.

In order to make an SHO you must attend to the following tasks;

  1. File the application in court;
  2. File your completed affidavit;
  3. File your employers affidavit (if you are not self-employed); and
  4. Serve a copy of the above material on Queensland Transport.

At the hearing of your application you must prove to the court;

  • That you are a fit and proper person to be the holder of a licence; AND
  • That a refusal to grant the order will cause either extreme financial hardship or severe and unusual hardship.

These applications can be tricky. If you make a mistake, your application could be refused. How much have you got riding on your driver’s licence? We can help you professionally prepare your application and represent you in court. Contact us today to arrange a consultation to discuss your matter.