Mobile Consultations

Professional Legal Advice & Representation – Throughout Regional Queensland

Need a mobile lawyer?

If you live in a regional area, it might be difficult to find a lawyer with experience relevant to your case.

Brooke Winter Solicitors can represent you in any court in Queensland. Whether you’re in Brisbane, Gladstone or Cairns, we can provide professional legal advice, and we’ll travel to represent you. If you need a family lawyer, traffic lawyer or criminal lawyer, we can assist you.

We know it’s important to have access to professional legal advice and representation, so we don’t charge extra for travel costs. In fact, the mobile aspect of our work helps us to keep our costs low, so we can keep our services priced at an affordable rate. To learn more about how we can work with you in regional Queensland, contact us to organise a free initial phone consultation.

Whether it’s a family law, traffic law or criminal law matter, our professional solicitors can help.

To book a mobile consultation, call us on 1300 066 669.