CCC and ACC Hearings

ACC and CCC Lawyers for Your Hearing

The Crime & Corruption Commission (CCC) and the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) often issue summons to individuals to further their investigations.

What Should I Do if I’ve Been Summonsed?

If you have received a summons, you are not permitted to discuss the matter with any person apart from your legal representation. Otherwise, you are liable to police charges. There are numerous requirements that you must abide by when participating or choosing not to participate in these types of proceedings and the process can be complicated. It’s important to get advice that’s specific to your circumstances.

How Can A Lawyer Assist?

With hearings involving the ACC or CCC, lawyers can represent individuals and assist them to know their rights.

Brooke Winter Solicitors has extensive experience in representing clients at CCC and ACC coercive hearings. We have also worked with clients in investigative proceedings conducted by Australian Securities Investigation Commission and the Office of Fair Trading.

Remember you always have the right to legal representation. During this process, you may need to contact a lawyer at short notice to obtain legal information. We are always available for urgent calls.

Contact us to arrange a consultation. We’re looking forward to working with you, and protecting your rights.

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