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Divorcing in Queensland

Divorcing in Queensland Separation and divorce are difficult decisions. If you’re considering divorcing in Queensland, it’s a good idea to be aware of the general process. Divorce involves a standard process. You need to fulfill a series of criteria. The general gist of these criteria is that you and your partner have been separated for […]

The New Australian Marijuana Laws

The New Australian Marijuana Laws Recently, there was a change to Australian marijuana laws. This change could be of interest to those people who are interested in the topic of medicinal cannabis. In a general sense, these changes may enable access to medicinal cannabis for certain people. But, there are a few hurdles that still […]

New Queensland Cycling Laws

Have you heard about the new Queensland cycling laws? These road rules affect both cyclists and drivers. There has been some confusion about how these laws apply, so here’s a quick summary. I’m a Driver. How Do These Rules Affect Me? As a driver, you need to allow more space beside you when you’re passing […]

Is It Legal to Carry a Knife?

As we all know, there are many rules and restrictions about carrying guns in Queensland. If you want to own or use a firearm, you need to be licensed. There are different steps, depending on your circumstances and needs. But, what about knives? We all know that it’s fine to have them in our kitchen. […]

What is Public Nuisance?

When you think about things that are illegal, you might think about theft or murder. Most people are aware of what kinds of offences might fall under these categories. But, many people who find themselves charged with an offence didn’t realise that they were committing one. Lesser-known laws can trip people up. It pays to […]