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Application for a Protection Order

The Charges: Application for a Protection Order Court Attended: Southport Magistrates Court Attendance Date: 7/12/17 Overview of Case:  Our client was served with an application for a protection order.  The aggrieved alleged that our client had been physically, emotionally and financially abusive to her.  Our client was successful at trial in defending the Application and […]

Parenting Matter

The Matter:    Parenting Matter with allegations of sexual assault Court Attended:  Family Court of Australia Attendance Date: 7/12/2017 Overview of Case: Parenting dispute where the parents have separated and are trying to put in place parenting arrangements for the 5yo child.  Child has made disclosures of being sexually abused by his brother and father which […]

Same-Sex Marriage Legalised

Australia has now joined the rest of the modern world in legalising same-sex marriage. The Bill was passed by the lower house of Government on 7 December 2017 and was assented to by the Governor-General in the morning of 8 December 2017. This means that same-sex couples can register their intentions to marry as of […]

Parenting Dispute on father’s behalf

The Charges: Parenting Matter Court Attended: Federal Circuit Court of Australia at Brisbane Attendance Date: 29/11/17 Overview of Case:  We act for the father in a parenting dispute. The father has significant concerns regarding the mother’s new partner due to the new partner’s extensive criminal history and propensity for violence towards women and children. The […]

Wilful Exposure

The Charges: Wilful Exposure (Aggravated) Court Attended: Cairns Magistrates Court Attendance Date: December 2017 Outcome:  The client had a history of a similar offence. The circumstance of aggravation was successfully removed from the recent offence to the benefit of our client. The client received expert legal advice on preparations to complete prior to finalising his […]

Driving whilst relevant drug present

The Charges: Driving whilst relevant drug present in blood or saliva Court Attended: Southport Magistrates Court Attendance Date: November 2017 Overview of Case:  The client was charged with drug driving on the Gold Coast. He worked full time and required his licence in order to keep his job. He came to us and obtained expert legal […]

Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm

The Charges: Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm (AOBH) Court Attended: Brisbane Magistrates Court Attendance Date: 28/11/17 Overview of Case:  The client was charged with Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm (AOBH).  There was evidence and admissions by our client that an altercation had occurred however our client instructed that the victim was attempting to damage his property.  The […]

Is it Legal to have a taser in Queensland?

What is a Taser and how does it work? Taser is an electroshock hand-held weapon produced by Axom (formerly Taser International). It is a non-lethal weapon that police officers can use as an alternative to deadly firearms. Tasers can subdue a potentially dangerous individual without causing any serious injury. It is a very helpful tool […]

What is the Status of Uber in Queensland?

Uber is a ride-sharing service that uses mobile application technology and internet for its operations. It gives convenience to passengers because of the capability to order car service from anywhere. It also promotes cash-free transactions due to its online payment technology. Uber is currently operating in more than 500 cities around the world. How did […]