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Obtain Financial Advantage

The Charges: Obtain Financial Advantage – The maximum penalty for each charge under section 135.2(1) of the Criminal Code (Cth) is 12 months imprisonment and/or a $6,600 pecuniary penalty Attendance Date: March 2018 Location: Southport Magistrates Court Our client was charged with 2 counts of Obtaining a Financial Advantage from Centrelink between 2010 and 2016. […]

Possess Dangerous Drug

The Charges: Possess Dangerous Drug (Drugs Misuse Act) Attendance Date: March 2018 Location: Brisbane Supreme Court Overview & Outcome Our client was charged with possession of Meth by the Queensland Police. We represented the client through the committal process and obtained a brief of evidence. Our client entered a plea of not guilty to the […]

Grandparents Rights

Grandparents play an important role in the lives of children all over Australia. They are often an invaluable resource to parents who need a break or guidance or to assist in the day to day activities for the children, such as before and after school care. It is because of this that the Family Law […]

Attempting to Pervert Justice

The Charges: Attempting to Pervert Justice (Criminal Code 1899 – SECT 140) Attendance Date: March 2018 Location: Brisbane District Court Overview & Outcome Our client was charged with Attempting to pervert the course of Justice by agreeing to accept charges on a friend’s behalf via written statutory declaration sent to the Police. Police established that […]

Lessons Learned by the Barnaby Joyce Saga

The recent development about Barnaby Joyce’s extra marital affair has opened a dialogue with regards to discussions on property settlements and paternity. What many people falsely assume is that the girlfriend (as opposed to his wife) will not be entitled to anything apart from child support from Barnaby and that his property settlement issues with […]

Get Ready For The Commonwealth Games

Get Set, Gold Coast! The Games are coming and our team at Brooke Winter Solicitors is excited to welcome all the wonderful visitors to our city to join the celebrations. There will be people visiting the Gold Coast from all around the world and although that leads to a lot of excitement, it can also […]

My Ex Has Taken My Children Overseas Without My Permission

More and more frequently, Family Law solicitors are faced with the situation where we have a client in our office who is panicking as their former spouse has taken the children overseas without their permission.  On many occasions, the situation resolves itself without issue, however there are an increasing number of cases where the former […]

Debunking The Myths of Property Settlements

When Family Law solicitors first meet with clients who have separated and need to divide their assets, one of the most common statements we hear is that the wife automatically gets the house, or that the other party has already obtained legal advice and they are entitled to 90% of the property pool.  This cannot […]

Dangerous Operation Of Motor Vehicle Occasioning Death

Attendance Date: March 2018 Overview of Case: We appeared in the Rockhampton District Court with a client who was charged with Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle Occasioning Death which involved a heavy vehicle. Outcome: Our client pleaded guilty to the charge and we appeared before the court with him at the sentence. This was a […]

Parenting After Separation – What Happens Now?

One of the most common issues that family lawyers face is that of separated parenting disputing over their children.  Often, one parent does not want to let the other parent spend time with the children or does not want the other parent to spend as much time with the children as they do.  There are […]